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How much does it cost?

FreshBrain is FREE, not for a trial period or an old version, FREE for public use thanks to our generous donors.

What do you do with my private information?

FreshBrain does not and will not share, give or sell any personal or confidential information. FreshBrain has put in place a significant number of security functions to ensure the safety of this data.

When and why do need parental consent for a project?

You will be required to obtain parental consent on a project in two specific cases.

The first is that when you invite another student to join your project (or when another student asks to join your project). We need to make sure that both of you are who you say you are and that your parent or legal guardian are comfortable with and understand the interactions that will take place on the site.

There are a lot of websites that have had issues with users saying they are one thing but actually turning out to be something different. In the case of freshbrain.org, a site focused on high school age students, we need to provide a level of confidence as well as consent around this kind of interaction.

The second is when you ask for an advisor to be assigned to a project. We are doing background checks on the advisors. And we need to again insure that students are who they say they are and have consent to have this valuable interaction.

You do not need parental consent to start a project that you will do on your own. That is, without additional students or an advisor assigned to the project.

What is an activity?

AnActivity is a reasonably simple, pre-designed task undertaken typically by a number of students independently to take an idea and create something useful. An activity would often be completed in a number of days to weeks. There are two categories of activities: Open and Sponsored. Open activities are always available to the students to complete. There are no deadlines and no rewards associated with their completion (other than maybe a certificate or similar). Sponsored activities are available for a limited duration with a deadline and rewards. They are most often sponsored by another company but can be sponsored by FreshBrain as well.

What is a project?

AProject is an extensive task undertaken by student(s) to take an idea and turn it into something substantial. A project can range from something that one person completes in a number of weeks to that which a team completes in a number of months. It will typically follow a fairly standard creation process which includes a number of phases. The exercise usually involves going through a systematic process to simulate real business scenarios where projects are justified through some quantifiable metrics, including preparing a business plan and building the technical ‘end product’.

What is an advisor?Students who take on projects will be assigned an advisor at their request. This person will help them to be successful by providing the necessary guidance. The advisors will be trained on the FreshBrain processes and tools and will have a wealth of support behind them. The advisors will complete a background check as part of our focus on the safety of the students.

What kind of background check do you do on an advisor?

FreshBrain will be doing both a Seven Year Criminal and a Sex Offender background checks on our Advisors. Those who do not pass will not be Advisors.

Does FreshBrain take ownership of works that users create?

FreshBrain is not interested in taking ownership of work that users create.  That is not the mission or purpose of FreshBrain.  The intent is to leave ownership with the user or team that creates it.

There are occasions when users will grant FreshBrain rights to use the creation.  These are necessary to market the site.  The creations or rights to the creations will not be sold by FreshBrain.  These occasions are explicitly called out in the Copyright and IP Policy and in contest rules.

The freshbrain.org website

How do I start a project?

There are a few of ways to start a project. You can go to your tech area of choice on the freshbrain.org website and look through “Related Projects” which will be located in the left column and is full of cool and creative projects specific to that technology area.

You can also go to the “Start Project” box located under the login area. The “Start Project” box will give you a choice of creating your own project from an idea or checking out the predefined projects FreshBrain has put together for your use.

The last way is found while viewing a project that is in progress. This screen will ask you if you would like to do a project like the one you are viewing, start a new one or ask to join the project team of the actual project in progress. Any choice is a good one, as long as you try one.

How do I join an activity?

There are a couple of ways to join an activity. If you click on any of the technology areas you will find a box on the right wich is titled “Related Activities”. This will give you a complete list of activities related to this specific technology. The other way to see activities is to go to any technology area, look under the “Cool Completed Projects and Activities” and click on any of interest to check it out and try it.

How do I invite a friend?

There are two kinds of friend invitations. One is to invite a friend to freshbrain.org. Anyone can do this at any time. If you look under the Welcome area on the left side of every page, you will find an “Invite a Friend to FreshBrain” link. This will allow you to invite them to come and check out the site.

The other friend invitation is to join you on a project. After you have started or joined a project, you will be able to invite friends to that project. Go to the project page and click on the link under the Welcome area on the left called “Invite a Friend to Project.”

How do I download software?

There will be a download button or link located at the bottom of the information and images provided for each software tool. Tools are located in the right column under “Top Tools” and the link titled Project Tools.

What do I do if the software that I download doesn’t work?

You have a couple of options. Try taking a second look at the install instructions and see if you missed something. If you are still having trouble, try posting the problem on one of tech community forums and see what answers comes back. Usually someone has crossed the same bridge.

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