Project 1

Project 1


Do you have a great idea for a JavaME game?  Do you want to show your skills?  Do you want to be a part of the cell phone game crowd?!?!

Creat your own JavaME game.  Use the very latest in tools to do this.  Post your application and see how many users you can get to try it out!

Here is what you do if you are new to mobile game development:

  • Go to, download/install NetBeans (make sure you have the mobile version)
  • Run NetBeans
  • Go to File > New Project > Samples > Java ME (MIDP) > Simple Game Created with Game Builder
  • Fill out the Wizard (it's very simple)
  • Do "Build Main Project"
  • Do "Run Main Project"
Once you have completed this, or if you already know what you are doing ...
  • Invtite friends to join your project
  • Come up with a bunch of Java ME game ideas.  The web is always a good place to start.
  • Start with the simple game from above OR start from scratch
  • Enhance or build your application
  • Keep the project updated with staus, use the discussions and upload work in progress
  • When you are done - upload the results so that others can see.

Have fun!

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