This is the place to learn about Animation.  To Explore the kinds of things that are possible.

To get started, JOIN THIS GROUP.  Then click on the Activities tab. Next complete each of the Activities.  And finally compete in the Challenge Activity.

Click the Details tab for more information.  Once you are done with this learning path, take a look at: Digital Graphic Lab, Mix it, Mash it, Make Your Own Music, and  Make Exceptional Videos.

Learning Path Provided By

FreshBrain is proud to bring you this learning path.  We are excited about the summer camp and the learning paths that we have been able to provide!

Challenge Activity Provided By

The "Animation Exploration" challenge activity is provided by our friends at Skullcandy!


Getting Started

The activities for the Learning Path can be found under the Activities tab.

Start with the first activity.  When complete, be sure to submit your results and then move on to the next activity.   Depending on the activity, the submission may be an image file, a video, music, a URL, or something else.

After you complete all of the series of activities in the learning path, you will receive a badge.  This badge will be visible to other FreshBrain users on your profile.  It shows off your accomplishment for all to see!

At this point, you may particiapte in the challenge activity.  This is a special activity that provides you with the opportunity to compete for prizes using the skills that you have just developed.  You may submit as many times as you like to a challenge activity, but you can only win one prize.

If you have questions about what you should submit, check in with the camp counselors on the forum.  For help with any of the activities in this learning path, post your question to the group's forum.  For general questions, post to the main summer camp group's forum.


Here are the activities that make up the learning path.

  • Writing a script
  • Creating a storyboard
  • Doing different types of animation
  • Mouths and lipsync


You will develop the following skills by completing this learning path:

  • The importance of creating a good script
  • Understanding the process of creating a story
  • Approach and use of tools to create a storyboard
  • Characters, background and other objects
  • Various types of 2D animation
  • Filming and editing tecniques