Learn Java, the language of the internet!  No prior experience required!

To get started, JOIN THIS GROUP. Then click on the Activities tab. Next complete each of the Activities. And finally compete in the Challenge Activity.

Click the Details tab for more information. After you've completed this path, if you've enjoyed it and want to go further, check out some of the other programming learning paths, including Make a 3D Video Game and Building Flashy Websites with JavaFX.

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Missing Badge6Aug 9, 2009
by tinyang
1 year 45 weeks ago
Activity Level 110Jul 7, 2009
by romagen
1 year 42 weeks ago
Downloading JDK11Jul 6, 2009
by romagen
1 year 41 weeks ago
Help Activity #7: Applet Won't Fully Load in Browser21Jun 24, 2009
by azngoHAPPY
2 years 6 weeks ago
Help: Activity 6: Step #7,826Jun 16, 2009
by audiokid
1 year 41 weeks ago
Green Foot Mac OS X19Jun 15, 2009
by omall95
1 year 44 weeks ago