Learn Java, the language of the internet!  No prior experience required!

To get started, JOIN THIS GROUP. Then click on the Activities tab. Next complete each of the Activities. And finally compete in the Challenge Activity.

Click the Details tab for more information. After you've completed this path, if you've enjoyed it and want to go further, check out some of the other programming learning paths, including Make a 3D Video Game and Building Flashy Websites with JavaFX.

Learning Path and Challenge Activity Provided By

FreshBrain is proud to sponsor the "Learn Java Programming" learning path and challenge activity.


Getting Started

The activities for the Learning Path can be found under the Activities tab. Start with the first activity, and as you complete each activity, move on to the next one. As you complete an activity, be sure to submit your results. Depending on the activity, the submission may be an image file, a video, music, a URL, or something else. If you have questions about what you should submit, check in with the camp interns on the forum. For help with any of the activities in this path, post your question to this group's forum. For general questions about how to do a Learning Path, post your question to the main summer camp group's forum.

In this Learning Path you will explore graphical programming with Java, and learn basic skills and concepts of computer programming that will transfer to other programming languages and activities.


Here are the activities that make up the learning path.

  • download and run the Greenfoot Java programming environment
  • creating new classes
  • subclassing
  • creating new Greenfoot scenarios
  • animating in Greenfoot/Java


You will develop the following skills by completing this learning path:

  • developing software using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • proficiency with the software development cycle (edit, compile, run, debug)
  • exporting and sharing your application
  • familiarity with the Java programming language and Object Oriented Programming (OOP)