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Maze Solving with RoboMind

Maze Solving with RoboMind


In this activity you will use RoboMind, a robot simulation environment, to solve simply connected mazes.  A simply connected maze is a maze has no loops, and no inaccessable areas.  Robotics competitions often include maze solving challenges.  This activity is a good introduction to the programming tasks one might face as part of a robotics club or team, preparing for competition!  Besides, after completing this activity, you'll never again have to worry about being hopelessly lost in a corn maze.

In this activity, you will:

  • Become familiar with RoboMind, a robot simulation environment
  • Program the robot to solve a simply connected maze
  • Develop an understanding of maze  algorithms, and turn your algorithms into code for your robot
Note: there is programming involved in completing this activity.  The RoboMind programming language is very simple, however this activity does not include a programming tutorial.  If you don't have any programming experience, you might want to try the Fundamentals of Robotics activity first, as it includes step-by-step instructions for programming the RoboMind robot.

Basic Steps

  1. You need the RoboMind software to complete this activity.  If you have done other RoboMind activities, you should already have the software installed on your system.  If not, visit the Installation Page for full instructions on installing RoboMind.
  2. Visit the Maze Solving with RoboMind - Exercise page, and follow the instructions.  There are several tasks in this exercise, be sure to save your work at the end of each task!  Don't worry, the instructions will tell you how to do this.
  3. Submit your solutions (your saved RoboMind programs) to this activity by clicking the Submit button and following the instructions.  You must submit at least one solution to complete the activity, but you may submit more if you have multiple solutions using different algorithms.  The exercise page will describe what you should save and submit to the Activity.

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