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Make a Music Video

Make a Music Video


It use to be that only major labels could make music videos.  But with all of the free tools out there, anyone can do it.  All you need is your creativity, a camera and a computer.


Basic Steps

These steps are important to follow in creating your music video.

  1. Choose your song
  2. Get your stuff together (team, camera, lights, etc.)
  3. Plan it out
    • Create a storyboard
    • Decide who will be doing what
    • Think about different angles, shots, effects
  4. Film
    • Keep track of the shots that you make
    • It is better to take too much and cut it than not to have enough
  5. Capture live footage
  6. Get some stock footage
    • Look for this in the public domain or as creative commons
  7. Edit (see recommended tools)
    • Think about special effects, transitions, etc.
    • Add titles and credits
  8. Share

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Material Requirements

You will need a few thins to complete this activity.

  • A video camera
  • A computer
  • Video editing software

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